Köln: 22.–25.10.2024 #ORGATEC

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Le Klint A/S | Aussteller auf der ORGATEC 2024

Le Klint A/S

Le Klint A/S
Egestubben 13-17
5270 Odense N
Halle 5.2 | K043
Halle 5.2 | K043a
Pro Collection Le Klint was founded in 1943 and is known as a classic lighting manufacturer, stemming directly from the golden era of Danish design. Rooted in our craftsmanship and folding DNA, today we are also a modern company, catering not only to home lighting but also to the professional market. With the introducing of Le Klint Pro, we are launching both classics and brand new designs targeted towards the project and hospitality markets (hotels, restaurants, conferences, etc.), - offering options for numerous color/material variations and even Custom Made options tailored to both small and large projects.

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