Köln: 25.–29.10.2022 #ORGATEC

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Leider musste die ORGATEC 2020 aufgrund der Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie abgesagt werden. Die nächste ORGATEC findet im Oktober 2022 statt. Die Ausstellerliste der ORGATEC 2018 finden sie hier.


FERMOB | Aussteller auf der ORGATEC 2018


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Parc Actival
01140 Thoissey
+33 474697198
Unternehmen und Produkte

Dieser Aussteller zeigt folgende Produktgruppen und Produkte:

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Unternehmen und Produkte

Cutting up, forging, riveting, assembly… Metal professionals come together there to combine cutting-edge technology and centuries-old know-how to create 100% outdoor, very hard-wearing collections.

Each year, 3,500 tons of metal are transformed into 500,000 beautiful pieces by passionate women and men, making Fermob a major company with rapid but controlled growth.

In buying out the workshop in Thoissey in 1989, Bernard Reybier made a decisive strategic decision: to combine design and know-how. It was precisely this idea that was to guide everything that Fermob produces, because design is not just about appearance: it also brings together form and function.

Stacking seats, fold-away and slot-in tables… Our Fermob products combine functionality and a 100% unique style. The bright idea was to work with more than 30 talented designers such as Frédéric Sofia, Andrée and Olivia Putman and Patrick Jouin(...) to create collections at the forefront of design and innovation!

“We don’t sell chairs, we sell social ties!” says Bernard Reybier, Fermob’s Chairman and Managing Director. It’s true that at the beginning of the century the Bistro chair already helped to bring people closer together in the open-air cafés on the banks of the Marne.

And it's still true on offices outdoor spaces where people gather in large numbers moreover with the latest products of the Brand. Because Fermob continues to make accessibility a priority, expressing it through simplicity, openness and functionality, our furniture immediately makes people feel welcome!

We think of outdoor spaces as being places where the body can move freely: take a chair, move it, rest on sofas, create large tables, and strike the right balance between intimacy and conviviality.

In short, in addition to being attractive, your Fermob outdoor spaces will make your business even more welcoming.


Two years ago, Bellevie broke onto the scene with a dining set. Success was instant, and it didn’t take long for the collection to expand. The new lounge version is here, heralding a new way to relax outdoors. Made from sturdy steel and lightweight aluminium, its gentle lines endow it with a resolutely modern look. What’s more, the elegant and ultra-resistant Sunbrella® Natté outdoor fabric brings added comfort.
It comes in Flannel grey – a pretty tone that passes the outdoor dirt test
with flying colours.


When Fermob came calling, designer Frédéric Sofi a stepped up to the task.
His challenge? To reinvent Luxembourg, the famous Parisian chair.
The result was a fully-fl edged collection, with simple, generous lines, and a robust, lightweight design. From the solo or duo low armchair to the Kid chair, the Luxembourg line keeps on growing.
A nod to the past yet resolutely modern, it is now found in every corner of the world, at iconic locations such as Lincoln Castle (UK), Oakland Museum of California (USA), Angama Resort (Kenya) and Kanagawa Parc (Japan). The chair, the low armchair and armchair are now available in steel! With its heavyweight design, this new product is wind-resistant, extremely sturdy, and a great deterrent to potential thieves. It’s exactly what outdoor terraces, squares and public gardens have been waiting for.


Tristan Lohner once again shares his enlightened vision of design with a brand-new lamp inspired by 19th-century street lights. Mooon! boasts LED lighting and a sleek, elegant aluminium frame, and comes in two versions: a table lamp and an upright stand lamp. Both versions meet the IP44 standard, have a 10-hour battery life, and come in six bold colours. So now there’s every reason to be over the moon!


Rythmic, brand-new for 2017, gives the impression of transparency – to great effect.
This armchair, from the Archirivolto design agency, boasts sleek lines and a unique, modern-looking silhouette. The metal slats follow the natural curvature of the seat for optimal comfort guaranteed.
It’s available in all 24 shades of the Fermob metal colour chart and it’s sure
to turn heads!


Kate is a truly haute couture piece – a single-material armchair created by designer Patrick Jouin that brings out the very best qualities of sheet steel and tubes. It’s a slender, soft, comfortable, ultra-modern outdoor seat that’s fully in keeping with the history of designer furniture.