Köln: 25.–29.10.2022 #ORGATEC

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Leider musste die ORGATEC 2020 aufgrund der Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie abgesagt werden. Die nächste ORGATEC findet im Oktober 2022 statt. Die Ausstellerliste der ORGATEC 2018 finden sie hier.


GoBright B.V. | Aussteller auf der ORGATEC 2018

GoBright B.V.

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GoBright B.V.
Ohmweg 59
+31 88 2626126
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Unternehmen und Produkte

BrightBooking is a software solution to make buildings more intelligent. This makes meetings and flexible working more effective and efficient. But also the welcome of visitors becomes more professional and modern thanks to BrightBooking. The software consists of six modules with corresponding licenses:

·       Room Management

·       Desk Management

·       Wayfinder

·       Mapping

·       Catering & Services Management

·       Digital Reception

The modules

With Room Management anyone can search and reserve an available room in no time. It helps effectively with the optimal use of (meeting) rooms. Desk Management has the same functionalities, but then for the availability of workplaces, to provide the desired added value to flex working. The BrightBooking Wayfinder ensures that visitors easily and quickly find their way inside the building and the interactive Mapping module gives a clear overview of all available, reserved and occupied (work) places on a department or floor. Thanks to Catering and Services Management, catering and other services are easy to facilitate before, during and/or after the meeting. Finally Digital Reception provides a professional and modern self-registration of visitors, without the interference of a receptionist/telephonist. So she can continue to concentrate on her core tasks.

The components

The BrightBooking Portal is the heart of the software and is included within every license. All (customization) settings are captured here. And the innovative App is the ideal mobile assistant, a reservation is made simple and fast, always and from everywhere. BrightBooking can be linked, even into the personal agenda, to Exchange, Office 365, G Suite and multiple FMIS systems. The Detection option makes the Room and Desk Management modules even more intelligent. A smart sensor can detect presence or absence and take action if necessary by cancelling the reservation and releasing the space or workplace.

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